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September 24th
Rescue Challenge
Athens, Ga.
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  November 12th
Stallion to Gelding
Castration Day
  December 10th
Christmas Party
Bethlehem, GA

2016 Rescue Challenge Promo Video

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Equine Cruelty Training in Cobb County
(By: Kaitlyn Pratt)
It hurts to look at Dora the horse, impounded, the Department of Agriculture officials say, by an unfit owner. She's being used as an example for local law enforcement and animal control officers. The Department of Ag and Georgia Equine Rescue League are teaming up to teach first responders what to look for. Jutting ribs, open sores like Dora has.
   "Counties have the teeth for prosecution that the state does not have," explains Patty Livingston, Georgia Equine Rescue League President. "So if we work together, we can do more for prosecuting, since you can't fix it with rescue today." She and representatives from local agencies are meeting in Cobb County, where a new animal cruelty investigator position was just created. "We see cruelty, fighting, neglect cases," says Detective Steve Hammond. Sometimes, police say, the cases show a troubling pattern of behavior extending beyond the animal:  "It generally leads to other crimes. Elder abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse."

Youtube Video
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(Visit FOX 5 for the story on their website)
Also visit the www.examiner.com for more pictures.

2015 Winner - GERL Rescue Challenge
Congratulations to Elaina Schmersey and Peaches.

And the winners of the 2015 GERL Rescue training Challenge are:

  • 1st place with $2000 cash, belt buckle and a $500 value TLAER training is Elaina Schmersey and Peaches.
  • 2nd place with a $500 cash value TLAER training opportunity is Joyce Lewis and Ethyl.
  • 3rd place with a $250 cash and a signed TLAER textbook in technical large animal emergency rescue is Jordan Faulconer and Redman.

    Congratulations to all our participants...it's all about the horses! 120 days boiled down to one day of showing and the scores were very close. All of our Trainers received a bag of Godfrey's feed, a custom plaque and a custom GERL 2015 Challenge shirt.

We made a 6 minute video of the Rescue Challenge, starting with last year’s pictures and going through the current event, up to the actual competition.  There’s upbeat background music that will make your heart beat a little faster. The video was played at the “Meet and Greet” for the trainers on Friday night and also the next day before the competition began.  We think that it is a nice addition to our event.

View the video:

We hope you enjoy it!


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