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GERL's Stallion To Gelding Castration Program

GERL offers 2 plans.

Plan 1:  Take your horse/or call a vet to come out, anytime during the year.
We pay $75 per horse toward the cost.

Plan 2:  Take your horse to an appointed location in the Month of November (Castration Day).
Cost $50 per horse - (locations will be posted on this site)

Mission Statement:
To end the suffering of innocent horses by reducing
the number of unwanted births. 

     Thousands of horses are born each year as a result of thoughtlessness on the part of mare and stallion owners. It is the plea of GERL for these owners to consider very carefully the future of resulting offspring before permitting their horses to reproduce. Equine rescue organizations across the nation are overwhelmed by the growing number of unwanted and neglected horses.
    Our organization believes that the first step in eliminating this problem is to reduce the number of foals produced each year. We strongly urge owners of equine of breeding age to geld their stallions and resist breeding their mares unless they intend to keep and use the resulting progeny, or they have a reasonable expectation that the foal produced will be a marketable animal.
    In an effort to reduce the number of stallions and to encourage the use of only top quality animals for breeding purposes, GERL has initiated our Stallion to Gelding Program. As an incentive to stallion owners, we will pay $75 toward the cost of gelding any male equine in Georgia for individuals who require financial assistance. Two horse limit per owner, please. Owners may use the veterinarian of their choice and must take full responsibility for post operative care.

Applications must be mailed and approved by GERL before arrangements are made with attending veterinarians..

Click the application on the left to open it.(pdf format).

Simply fill it out and send it to:
Marian Finco
1720 Old Farmington Rd
Watkinsville, GA 30677

You can also scan the application/document and email to: mhfinco@aol.com


Call for more information:
(770) 464-0138

Stallion to Gelding Events

2016 - The 6th Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

2015 - The 5th Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

2014 - The 4th Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

2013 - The 3rd Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

2012 - The 2nd Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

2011 - The 1st Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

Some of the Participating VETS


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The Georgia Equine Rescue League, Ltd. is a non-profit organization, certified 501(c)3 with the State of Georgia.